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"good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a stunning verdict. shockwave sent across the nation. what is next for casey anthony after being cleared of murder. it's wednesday july 5. good morning, washington. i am cynne simpson. -- it is july 6. >> i am scott thuman. meteorologist adam caskey. >> typical july weather. around 70 degrees. higher than 70 in the beltway.
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there are few showers in virginia, far south of the metro area. in the leesburg area. that will continue pushing off. a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day. there's a chance of afternoon storms, a typical july. 79 in the district, 70 in manassas, 75 in lexington park, 72 in hagerstown. high temperature of 91. isolated showers and thunderstorms later on today. we have a slightly better chance of added storms tomorrow afternoon. 30% chance today 40% chance tomorrow. garden variety storms, nothing severe. highs in the lower 90's today and tomorrow. upper 80's with clients on friday. near 90 degrees for the weekend.
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now to lisa baden. there is a crash on 15 south in frederick. they are cleaning up from overnight construction. 66 should be open between centreville and the beltway shortly. a pretty good trip. traffic in springfield. traffic on the right is headed south toward woodbrige. the other side is on the way to the pentagon. across the american legion bridge, headlights from tysons to bethesda. looks good all the way to 66. more to come on the traffic scene. but now to news. a stunning verdict. casey anthony found not guilty of murder. the jury acquitted anthony in the deaths of her two-year-old daughter. >> she was convicted of lying to police. we are still in shock over the
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verdict. john hendren has details. >> a nation transfixed by the trial was left stunned by the verdict. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> not guilty of murder, manslaughter, or a child abuse. there was relief for the defense. >> she did not murder caylee it's that simple. today our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> pour casey anthony facing possibly a sentence of up to a year in prison can express a sigh of relief. her mother was accused of causing the child that while leaving the ladder to a backyard pool down.
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>> i don't know how the anthony family will ever recover. >> the crowd that followed the case was stunned and angry. >> my god. >> guilty!. >> for some, justice denied. >> we wanted justice for caylee. >> my guess is the jurors thought there was reasonable doubt. >> it may have been the physical evidence that undid the prosecution. the body had been missing six months before it was found and had decomposed too much to help her case. >> in addition, people in our region were surprised by the results. >> from the fact that were told, i don't think justice was served. >> i believe that she is totally
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guilty and this was not a fair trial. a poor representation of our legal system. >> some of you share your thoughts on our facebook page. eddie wrote that it's the most nonsensical verdict that he's ever heard. mia says that she will pray for the family and that she has a difficult life ahead. dana rights packagewonders whether justice is for the girl > a local woman whose child died after being left in a hot van, karen murphy of bristow, indicted on charges open child neglect and attempted murder. >> two-year-o'brien was elected to proceed while his mother was
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at work and he died -- two- year-old ryan was left in the heat. president obama will meet with house and senate leaders from both houses tomorrow to discuss debt. the buzz about the value of twitter may surprise you. linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters in new york with headlines. >> good morning. twitter is not going away anytime soon. the web site is raising funding telling the startup at $7 billion. speaking of twitter, president obama hosting his first twitter town hall today. you can post questions. he's expected to focus on jobs
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and the economy. later today investors will focus on a report from the services industry covering non- manufacturing jobs and accounts for 90% of our economy. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. automakers are criticizing and ethanol proposal by the epa. the epa wants to allow gasoline containers -- allow guests to contain as much as 15% ethanol. but some companies say it could damage the engines. americans are celebrating their divorces in a big way. i will explain in my next report period of live and bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. now 74 degrees, 74 degrees. >> still to come the hunt for
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serial rapist on the streets of georgetown. police need your help closing a cold case. >> more heat and humidity on the way.
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4:40 adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather
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center. warm and muggy, a typical july weather for washington. there are some clouds overhead. a few showers in roanoke and in the stanton area. there could be a few sprinkles in stanton. 77 degrees in hyattsville, 78 in the district, 71 in germantown 74 in springfield. a few upper 60's. 689 in olney. a mixture of sun and clouds today. highs around 90 degrees. we cannot rule out a few isolated storms, especially south of the metro, later on today. a better chance tomorrow afternoon. well combat -- welcome back. around the beltway looks good. heading in and out of business district is fine. nowhere is on the 14th street bridge.
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-- heading in and out of the district is fine. across the american legion bridge is good. heading into virginia for 66 drivers at glebe road, no construction in falls church. back inside. 4:42, 74 degrees. cracks like a scene from science fiction, a dramatic picture of a dust cloud. >> old campaign to catch a suspected serial rapist.
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welcome back. jury selection begins today in roger clemens' perjury trial of the district. the picture is charged with perjury making false statements and obstruction of congress for telling a house committee never used performance enhancing drugs. the trial could last for weeks to six weeks. -- four weeks to six weeks. police have launched a campaign to try to find a predator targeting young woman. investigators are hoping this may lead to the break they needed. ben eisler explains. >> maybe someone out there
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trying to take advantage or hurt me that is scary. >> a secluded path opens up to a grassy field off canal road. a train trestle stretches over it. 13 years ago this man brutally beat and raped this young woman, ann intern with the national academy of sciences christine mirzayan. >> that is scary for college girls or anyone. >> dna connects him with eighth sexual assaults. >> du think he might be watching this coverage? >> i hope so. if he is, we want him to give us a call. >> they're trying to catch the east coast rapist. -- when they were trying to catch the east coast rapist, they got tips that put him
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behind bars when he was seen on television. >> i think it's a great idea. when we get people off the streets like that, it's a good thing. a great falls man is accused of killing his father. casey emmer stabbed his father lawrence emmer to death at their home. he suffers from autism. police have no motive in the killing. prince george's county councilwoman leslie johnson leaving office. sheehan will step down on july 31, she says. he pleaded guilty last week to destroying evidence in a federal corruption probe. in an e-mail statement yesterday she said she is resigning so good district and in the best possible position to move forward. he added that she apologizes for our mistakes. other council members want her
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to resign immediately. since they cannot force her out, they are stripping her of her purse. >> including but not limited to the use of a county car and discretionary funding. >> she will be sentenced in october. >> interstate 66 is back open after a traffic nightmare shut down the road several hours. newschopper 7 was over the scene near rte. 123 in fairfax. it closed the westbound lanes after a tractor-trailer loaded weapon hayith -- with hay ,. a news helicopter shot this amazing and video -- it's amazing video in arizona of a dust cloud that was 50 or 60 miles wide. it grounded flights several hours because of the reduced
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visibility. the power was knocked out to several homes and businesses. >> my parents live in phoenix. it was 108 degrees the other day. >> my goodness. and dealing with smoky conditions. 794 degrees. some cabdrivers say police are arresting them and try to drive them out of business. >> first, a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. stay with us. we will be right back.
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welcome back. 4:52 on this wednesday morning. heat and we are in store for some more. >> and maybe some rain? >> it's tough to take this time of year. when you beat the heat in july it's only for about 18 hours up to 36 hours. high temperatures near 90 degrees today. low 90's's for most of us.
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there's humidity in the air. we have energy moving through the mid levels of the atmosphere is special lakes in southern and central virginia. that's where we have added cloud cover. near roanoke there are areas of rain. some of that may migrate toward charlottesville and madison and culpeper county early this morning. slight risk of severe and thunderstorms far south of the metro area in the yellow area later on today. isolated thunderstorms expected later on today. that's mainly south of the metro area and that's where there's a chance of severe storms. 91 degrees today. chants of scattered thunderstorms again tomorrow. the same thing on friday. highs in a low 90's on the weekend. no big swings in the temperature. very typical for july. now to lisa baden. virginia traffic looks good. no construction.
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pat glebe road -- artt glebe road that is. south patrick street, they should have that road clear in a moment. motorcycle class on the inner loop at river road. -- crash. traffic is able to get by. a flashing lights there. that's for drivers leaving the american legion bridge headed toward the mormon temple. back inside. 4:54 now. charlie sheen is about to get roasted. comedy central will honor the actor during a special tv event on september 19. that is the same night ashton kutcher makes his debut on two and a half men. charlie sheen had criticized executive producer prices.
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he says nothing will be off- limits. >> day you think it's a coincidence that this will air the first night of ashton carter's debut? >> i doubt that. they want to give you a ride around the national mall and or willing to go a long distance. >> pedicab drivers are being treated unfairly, they say. >> robert drives one of these camps along the national mall and his customers seemed delighted. >> this is really fun. it goes fast. >> these drivers a u.s. park police are targeting them. this man recently had two disabled passengers. >> a policeman and ordered them off the bike and threatened to arrest meet they are illegal on the mall. >> pedicabs, nobody seemed to
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know if there are any rules for them. >> it's kind of arbitrary harassment. >> they have no safety equipment like seat belts and very few have lights or reflectors and they are blocking a lot of roadways, which is an important safety concern, say park police. but there's never been an accident. >> its frustrating because i don't like feeling like a criminal and i'm just trying to make money. >> some drivers pinkoson think that the bus police are pressuring the police to crack down on them. >> we are not criminals so why are we being treated as such? >> greta kreuz reporting. >> interesting story. >> that's not the last we'll
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hear on that battle. 74 degrees 4:56. >> coming up complete coverage of the verdict that shocked the nation. >> after three years the nation is stunned by the verdict
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coming up the shocking verdict. casey anthony found not

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